Soft-O-Matic is a software house founded by R. van Stapele in 2001.

Doing what?

Soft-O-Matic designs and develops software for industrial automation systems.

Beckhoff / TwinCat control systems
The experience with Beckhoff products goes back to the introduction of Twincat in 1996. Since then a strong relationship was kept with Beckhoff company and staff. Soft-O-Matic is referenced as a consultant for Twincat and other Beckhoff products.

Unified Modelling Language (UML)
In order to improve the quality of software and system development, projects are engineered with the aid of UML.

General application development
Auxiliary tools and machine control interfaces are developed with mainstream ICT tools to extend automation systems beyond its real-time boundaries.

Anything else?

Safe VPN network
Soft-O-Matic offers a worldwide and safe VPN network to it’s customers to facilitate close cooperation between all parties in a project.

Remote access
Customers are provided with remote access to their projects during the startup period of a project to enable prompt support. This service can be extended on demand.

All parties involved in the project are offered access to additional services on the VPN network to support the project:

  • Source control: Subversion, Git
  • Cloud storage: OwnCloud
  • Bug/issue tracker: Bugzilla